Plain Croissants ₺85
Crispy ₺100
Crispy Plate ₺140
Pain Au Chocolat ₺120
Choco Pain
(Double Chocolate Pain Au Chocolate )
Croissant Sandwich with Smoked Meat
Smoked Meat- Cheddar Cheese- Acuka- Curly Lettuce-Tomatoes-Caramelized Onions-Sautéed Mushrooms- Cro&Cups Salad
Gourmet Smoked Turkey Croissant Sandwich
Gourmet Smoked Turkey-Cheddar Cheese- Roasted Pepper- Acuka- Curly Lettuce- Cro&Cups Salad
Pastrami & Egg Croissant Sandwich
Pastrami-Scrambled Eggs-Melted Cheddar- Cro&Cups Salad
Olive & Yellow Cheese Croissant Sandwich
Yellow Cheese-Olive Paste-Curly Lettuce-Tomato-Cucumber- Cro&Cups Salad
Egg & Cottage Cheese Croissant Sandwich
Cottage Cheese- Olive Paste- Boiled Egg-Curly Lettuce-Tomatoes-Cucumber- Cro&Cups Salad
Smoked Turkey&Cheddar Cheese Croissant Sandwich
Smoked Turkey-Cheddar Cheese-Curly Lettuce- Cro&Cups Salad
Frankfurter Sausage Croissant Sandwich
100% Frankfurter Beef Sausage – Russian Salad – Cheddar Cheese -Tomato Sauce – Gherkin Pickles – Cro&Cups Salad
Guacamole Sauce & Tuna Fish Croissant Sandwich
Tuna Fish- Avocado- Red Onion- Capia Pepper, Parsley, Black Cumin,Garlic, Chili Pepper
Salmon Croissant Sandwich
Cream Cheese – Avocado – Smoked Salmon- Dill- Cro&Cups Salad
Three Cheese Croissant Sandwiches
Cheddar Cheese-Cecil Cheese-Gravy Cheese-Cro&Cups Sauce- Cro&Cups Salad
Mozeralla Sandwich
Mozzarella Cheese- Tomatoes- Arugula- Pesto Sauce- Cro&Cups Salad
Guacamole Sauce & Poached Egg Croissant Sandwich
Poached Egg- Avacado- Red Onion- Capia Pepper- Parsley- Black Cumin- Garlic- Chili Pepper
Cro&Cups Special Croissant
With Belgian Chocolate Special Pastry Cream
Hazelnut Cream & Crocan Croissant
Pastry Cream with Hazelnut Butter Ganache and Croquan pieces
Strawberry & Pastry Cream Croissant
Sliced Strawberries and Pastry Cream
Banana & Pastry Cream Croissant
Sliced Banana and Pastry Cream
Almond Croissant
Almond Cream (Frangipane)
Nutella Croissants
Nutella with Strawberries and Bananas
Lotus Cream Croissant
Pastry Cream with Lotus Ganache
Carnival of Melted Chocolate with Fruits
Pastry Cream with Strawberries,Bananas and Chocolate Ganache Sauce
Cro&Cups Aegean Breakfast
Scrambled Eggs-Pesto Sauce- Melted Cheddar- Arugula- Tomatoes- Roasted Mushrooms- Cucumber- Avocado- Roasted Peppers- Green Olives
Cro&Cups French Breakfast
Two Pieces Smoked Meat- Poached Egg- Avocado- Tomatoes- Acuka- Olives- Sour Cheery Marmalade
Cro&Cups English Breakfast
Egg Eye- %100 Beef Sausage- Smoked Meat- Tomato- Cucumber- Roasted Mushroom- Capia Pepper- Pesto Sauce- Beans with Sauce- Arugula
Cro&Cups Bacon & Egg Breakfast
Scrambled Eggs- Bacon- Tomatoes- Cucumber- Cottage Cheese- Arugula- Pesto Sauce- Sour Cherry Marmalade
Cro&Cups Special Breakfast
Scrambled Eggs- %100 Beef Sausage- Melted Cheddar- Cheese- Tomatoes- Acuka- Roasted Mushroom- Cucumber- Olives- Arugula- Marmalade
Fit Breakfast without Croissants
Two Eggs Omelet- Cottage Cheese- Avocado- Tomatoes- Cucumber- Arugula- Olives- Sour Cherry Marmalade
Breakfast Plate With Egg And Feta Cheese
Egg- Feta Cheese- Arugula- Cucumber- Tomatoes- Olieves- Acuka- Sour Cherry Marmalade
Breakfast On The Bread
Smoked Meat- Fried Egg- Sauteed Mushroom- Pesto Sauce- Cheddar- Arugula- String Cheese- Tomatoes- Cucumber – Olieves- Acuka- Avokado
Croissant Clup Sandwich Toast
Smoked Meat- Smoked Turkey- Egg- Cheddar- Tomatoes- Lettuce- Mayonnaise
Croissant French Toast
Egg- Milk- Vanilla- Cinnamon- Strawberry – Honey
Pastry Cream Filling and Covered with Dark Chocolate
Pastry Cream Filling and Covered with Milk Chocolate
Pastry Cream Filling and Covered with Ruby Chocolate
Lotus Cream Filling and Covered with Lotus Sauce
Pesto Sauce Danish 145₺
Cherry Marmalade & Pastry Cream Danish 145₺
Blueberries & Pastry Cream Danish 145₺
Strawberry & Chocolate Cream Danish 145₺
Strawberry & Pastry Cream Danish 145₺
Glass Water ₺30
Churchill ₺50
Cola ₺45
Cola Zero ₺45
Fanta ₺45
Ice Americano ₺80
Ice Filter Coffee ₺75
Ice Latte ₺85
Ice Tea ₺45
Limonade ₺65
Fruit Soda ₺35
Chocolate,Strawberry, Vanilla, Banana,Oreo
Squeeze Orange Juice ₺90
Soda ₺25
Sprite ₺45
Americano ₺70
Herbal Teas ( Ronnefeldt) ₺85
Cup Of Tea ₺35
Cappuccino ₺75
Cortado ₺80
Double Turkish Coffee ₺70
Espresso ₺55
Filter Coffee ₺65
Flat White ₺80
Small Tea ₺25
Latte ₺75
Sahlep (it is made with real sahlep) ₺75
Hot Chocolate ₺80
Turkish Coffee ₺50
Extra Avocado ₺45
Extra Almond Milk ₺30
Extra Ice Cream ₺35
Extra Cream ₺30
Extra Lactose-Free Milk ₺30
Extra Marmalade ₺30
Extra Fruit ₺35
Extra Nutella ₺30
Extra Milk ₺30
Extra Smoked Turkey ₺30
Extra Smoked Meat ₺30
Extra Yellow Cheddar ₺30
Extra Cheese ₺30
Extra Feta Cheese ₺30
Extra Eggs ₺30
200 Gr Ice Cream
Honey Almond, Chocolate with Pistachio, Vanilla, Cherry, Black Mulberry, Oreo Biscuits
400 Gr Ice Cream
Honey Almond, Chocolate with Pistachio, Vanilla, Cherry, Black Mulberry, Oreo Biscuits
Classic CroWaffle
Nutella, Banana, Strawberry, Ice Cream, CroCups Chocolate Sauce  
Special CroWaffle
Hazelnut Cream, Forest Berries , Strawberry, Banana, Ice Cream , Lotus Sauce  
CroWaffle With Pastry Cream
Pastry Cream, Strawberry, Banana, Ice Cream, CroCups Chocolate Sauce